Tuna in Shizuoka

Is Tuna familiar in your country ? It’s said (one of) the most popular fish in Japan and Shizuoka accounts for No1 amount of catch and consumption in Japan, especially, Yaizu Port and Shimizu Port for the frozen one. Accordingly, there are lots of seafood restaurants featured Tuna around these ports that attract tourists and visitors.

Now, how is it good for us ? It contains important nutritional components such as rich protein, iron, and kalium that help us to maintain the proper function of muscles and nerves and also said to work for preventing from arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction and also brain block. Putting aside difficult medical stories, delicious and healthy, enough worthy of eating ! Toro, the fatty part, and Akami, the red meat. Which do you like better ?

Nowadays, we can transport seafood safely fresh to all over Japan but here is a small history. Remember we eat sashimi raw fish with wasabi and green tea ? But why ? Because seafoods were not fresh enough to eat in raw decades of years ago and might cause stomachache, we needed to eat them with something that kills bacteria or germs, and what people came up with ware wasabi and green tea. This is how we eat sushi with wasabi on it and green tea as a drink.


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