Mt. Fuji

“Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan”.

This is the typical sentence used when we learn English superlative form, as it is such an iconic image of Japan.

Now, what is “Mt. Fuji” ?  It is a mountain that was created by the eruption said about 100,000 years ago, first only a small mountain, but after several times of eruption, piled, it finally became the highest one in Japan.

People believed there had been a God living in Mt. Fuji.  Eruption was the biggest fear and concern for the people around thousands of years ago.  They enshrined the god ( actually, the godess, “Konohana-Sakuyahime ) there and worshiped to appease her wrath of eruption.  It used to be in Mt. Fuji but eventually moved to Sengen Taisha Shrine in Fujinomiya City as it is now 1300 years ago.

Konohana-Sakuyahime, by the way, is a goddess of beauty and transience.  It also symbolizes Sakura cherry blossom.  As her name shows, in spring, you can see sublime shrine surrounded by beautiful Sakura.

Now, as mentioned above, Mt. Fuji can not be told without people’s lives.  It is a history of Japan, a history of the earth.  We need to respect all nature around to maintain this beautiful world.  Go climb it and feel it by yourself !

※ In 2020, due to Corona Virus, Mt. Fuji trails will be all closed.

Mt. Fuji Climbing  : 3 routes from Shizuoka side, 1 route from Yamanashi side.

Climbing Season   : From early-July until early September

Requied Time        : 6 – 8 hours to go up, 2 – 3 hours to go down ( from the 5th Station ).

Guided climbing tour is available. Please inquire us.


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