Maruhide Iwazaki Tea Shop – Tea Blending Experience

“Maruhide Iwazaki Tea Shop” is located in Cha-machi tea area in Shizuoka City, and can be reached around 20 min walk from Shizuoka Station.

Now, I’m not telling you about their varieties of tea selections.  Have you ever known how real good green tea is made?  The tea master, Mr. Iwazaki is a professional tea blender in this traditional tea area and I learned and experienced how he did it to make his tea products as a tea blender.

I asked him why teas must be blended.  He said.  “Even if a good tea is blended with a good tea, it is not always to become a “Good Tea”.  Real good tea is well balanced with bitterness and sweetness.  That is, when you make something good, it must be with something bad”.

Yes, I agree, haha.  Anyway, this is an experience to make the best tea not for everyone but for MYSELF!!  All right, I like bitterness, strong flavor with refreshing sweetness.  It depends how I combine each tea characteristics and the balance of quantity of each tea.

I tasted each tea individually, sniffed them, sometimes repeatedly to see the difference.  Actually, you know, it’s not easy to distinguish each other.  If you could tell the slight difference, you are a tea master!!

Finally, I made it!  The only tea in the world, just for myself.  I can enjoy it by myself but maybe gift for the Christmas?  Not sure yet but I really enjoyed it (^^)v


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