Green Eight Cafe in Shizuoka, Japan

Shizuoka is well known as the state of green tea and Mt. Fuji, and recently, varieties of tea experience programs are being designed to promote “Tea”.
Green Eight Cafe is one of them !

Today, let me introduce a special packaged program that I experienced there.


Tea Terrace

On arriving at the cafe, a young tea shop lady welcomed us.  The first thing we did was to choose a drink from the menu.  You can take whatever drink you like from the list.  I took a black-tea-based fruit tea because the cafe is very specialized in making exclusive black teas as they sell themselves with the image “black tea that never goes bitter”.
My friend ordered green-tea based sweetened tea.

After all teas are ready, the young lady showed us a hand-drawn map to the terrace to explain with a congenial voice.

So glad the plan come with Wa-kocha black tea flavored ice cream (^^♪

After a few minute walk, here we are !!  The tea terrace ♬

Used only in private in the middle of tea plantation.  You wouldn’t imagine how we became open-minded in the great nature surrounded by mountains and modern high-way architectures.  We were just into taking instagrammable pictures for a while for our SNS.  Normally you can stay on the terrace about 30 min or longer if next booking is not fixed.


Tea Tasting

Getting back from the terrace, we went into the shop to taste teas of Green Eight.  On that day, we tasted 3 varieties of black teas.

The name of “Green Eight”, by the way, is named because it was established by 8 tea farmers’ union.

At the table, Hojo-san, one of 8 tea farmers, came to us to prepare 3 varieties of black teas, one with strong sweetness, another with good flavor, and the other with a little bit of bitterness out of 9 varieties of black teas they carried.  Depending on the day, you may taste green tea or roasted tea as well.

It’s always fun to learn about what we don’t know, and with Hojo-san’s great enthusiasm and love toward “Tea”, the tasting time became something very unique and special and actually time flied until the whole program of 2 hours ended.

After the whole program, you can receive a small tea gift from the shop ♬


Now, these are the Green Eight Cafe’s special program I took.  It came from “Wamazing Play” collaborated with Tokyu.  My plan is 3300 JPY for each and the plan come with one drink from the menu, Wa-kocha black tea ice-cream, tea terrace use, tea tasting, and a small gift, all of which took us about 2 hours.

For more information or booking, please reach the website of

絶景茶農家カフェ!茶畑に囲まれたティーテラス「GREEN ∞ CAFE」

( for now, available in Japanese only )


Location : Shizuoka City : 1 hour from Tokyo, 2 hours from Osaka and 60 min by taxi from JR Shizuoka Station ( or 30 min by taxi from JR Shimizu Station )

Special Thanks to Wamazing Play supported by 東急

Supported by Visit Suruga, Shizuoka Tea With


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