Farm Stay Program

– For FIT customers –

Farm Stay Program provides you with authentic farmer’s family experiences.  Unlike hotels and ryokans, you are NOT a “Guest” but a “member” of family, that means, you have to take care of yourself and help the family by harvesting vegetables, cooking, and even washing dishes as what a family is.

The host families are all friendly though, always looking forward to seeing visitors to chat and have lunch or dinner, and maybe you might be treated as a “guest” but please try to be a family to help them serve meals, make tea, and everything !!


Gotemba City, Fuji City, Shizuoka City, Kawane Town

Basic Plans

・Check In ( Any time but preferably around 15:00 )

・Seasonal Agricultural Experience – Vegetable harvesting, Tea Picking, etc

・Cooking experience with host mother

Overall Image

Arrival at the Tea Farm and meet the family  Vegetable Harvesting etc  Cooking with the host mother  Dinner with the family  Chatting over local tea  Overnight

Wake up  Cooking for breakfast  Breakfast  Chatting etc  Departure around 10:00

Basic Fee

9,500JPY ( w/dinner & breakfast, tax included )
※Please be advised towels are not prepared for guests.  You can borrow one of the family’s but not for guest use.

Home Stay Program

– For Education Tours –

In some regions are ready for Home Stay Program of groups.

We are having around 60-70 groups of education tours from abroad every year and the below is the rough idea of the program.  For now, we have 4 regions capable of groups.


Gotemba City, Ito City, Omaezaki City, Kawane Town

Basic Outline

Day 1
15:00 Welcome Ceremony at a meeting point.
15:30 To each family by the family’s car
16:00 Experiences (e.g. Vegetable harvesting, Hand-roll sushi making, etc )
18:00 Cooking & Dinner
19:00 Bath time
20:00 Interaction with host family
22:00 Bed time

Day 2
7:00 Breakfast
9:00 Farewell Ceremony at the departure point

Area Introduction

Ito City

On the eastern side of Izu Peninsula, popular onsen resort, are lots of family Inn and they are always happy to have students from inside/outside Japan.  Not as a guest, you will interact with families as a member of it.  Sometimes, go shopping with them, sometimes, go onsen, or karaoke with them, or BBQ in the garden with stunning view of the ocean!!

※ Up to 200 students.  5-10 students in one family preferable.  Teacher’s inspection at each family is OK upon request.

Gotemba City

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, there are some farmers who like to have students from inside/outside Japan.  Though “mothers” and “fathers” are old, they are very active for cultivating and communicating with others.  With a great view of Mt. Fuji, enjoy acting “grandchild” to be a member of families.

※ Up to 20 students.  Basically, 4-5 students per family.

Omaezaki City

Family Inns are wanting to have students from various countries.  Omaezaki is a city of ocean and always with fresh seefood.  As Inns are used only in private, you don’t have to care other guests and can completely be a family.  Some take you to walk around, some do local crafts, and others do local cooking.   Good as a base for marine activities and beach study.

※ Up to 50 students.  5-10 students per family.

Kawane Town

Kawane is a small town in the mountains, known as one of the major regions of green tea.  With rich nature and pure water, people, even elder people there are so energetic and friendly.  Homestay is available at farmer’s house and you can experience authentic Japanese rural life along with agricultural study !

※ Up to 40 students, 4-5 students per family


Basic Fee

9,500JPY ( w/dinner & breakfast, tax included )
※Please be advised towels are not prepared for guests.  You can borrow one of the family’s but not for guest use.


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