A Day Plan in Yaizu City

Yaizu City is located in the middle part of Shizuoka Prefecture, in Suruga District, and known as the city of fish port, especially for Tuna and Bonito.

Getting off the train at Yaizu, you can reach the port in 10 min and another 10 min to Yaizu Port.  It’s very refreshing, on a fine day, walking along the sea, passing by the fish market, seeing fishermen landing fish or lots of people fishing.

At the fish market, by the way, you can see the morning auction of Tuna ( not now in the COVID situation ).

Now, at Yaizu Port, you will find “Umishiru”,the small aquarium of prefectural fish study, Deep Sea Museum, and Umiere Yaizu where you can shop seafood or eat lunch.

On the day, I visited Maguro-chaya for lunch.  Minami-maguro, the southern Bluefin Tuna, is one of its specialties and actually, Yaizu Port is the largest Tuna landing port in Japan and one of 3 major ports for Minami-maguro.  It’s something special !!

After Lunch, we visited Sanowa of Marutama-en, for afternoon tea !  Telling you the truth, there is not so much of tea plantation in Yaizu but here in Sanowa offers really nice tea and tea sweets and we couldn’t resist it.

Matcha au lait, Shaved Ice with various tea syrup, Matcha Tiramisu and more !!  Of course, you can buy varieties of local tea products(^^)/

If you have time, visiting “Hanazawa-no Sato” village is an idea.  Good-old village walk and a small local café on the way.  Passing through the village is a trail to Man-kan Ho mountain, the most popular hiking course among local hikers.

For more information, please visit the website of the Tourism Association of Yaizu City.


Access to Yaizu City

1 hour from Tokyo – Shizuoka by Shinkansen, 12 min by JR train.


For any inquiries, please contact us at Local Network Service, Shizuoka.

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