Farm Stay Experience

Farm Stay Experience is now very popular in Japan.  This experience is to stay overnight in a real farmer’s house as a member of family.  You are not expected as a guest, unlike hotels.  You help them by harvesting, cooking and washing dishes ( as a family experience, it depends ).

In Shizuoka, as is known as the state of the largest green tea producer in Japan, there are lots of tea farm stay experiences available.  In there, you will experience tea leaf picking, tea making process, or even tea factory tour.

The rough schedule goes like this.

Evening : Arrival at the farmer’s house → Farm Experience → Cooking → Dinner → Chatting time with the host family


Do not expect shopping, night bar or Karaoke at night.  There will be nothing but darkness in the mountains.  You may hear dear crying.  The only fun is to chat, and maybe to watch stars.  “Nothing there is highly valuable” or “local humanity is really touching”, if you think like these, you are definitely the one for the Farm Stay Experience!!


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